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                         History of the " Rouen Duck "

" The Rouen Duck " arises from the selection of the mallard in the buckles of the Seine. It gave birth to the famous recipe of the " Duck in the Blood " in Rouennaise.

Formerly, the farmers, crossed the Seine on small boats. To save up of the place, they transported ducks in metamorphoses, some succumbed suffocated during it crossing. Unsaleable, the victims of the journey represented a loss of income. This is when, by 1900, Henri Denise, Head of the hotel of the Post office, to Duclair, has the idea to buy these goods in lesser price  and to invent an adapted recipe  to circumstances conscript " the Duck in the Blood ".

The fame of the recipe reaches to Rouen, where, dedicated on the beautiful tables of restaurants, it gains its titles of nobility at the register of the French gastronomic great cuisine.


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