The "Volaillère des Clos"  is implanted on the municipality of Ouainville in Pays de Caux (France , Seine-Maritime 76), it was created in 1984 by M. Jean Paul Defresne under the entity " Ets DEFRESNE ".

The company will take its current name after its repurchase in 2007 by Mrs BAIN LEGAULT, in the salaried time of the Ets Defresne.



Its main activities are the slaughter of poultry and rabbits, the cut of the poultry, the conditionning and the distribution. Our products are mainly sold to butchers, wholesalers and to private consumers.
The "Volaillère des Clos" employs 12 employees





2007: Purchase of the ETS DEFRESNE by Mrs BAIN LEGAULT and creation of the company " La Volaillère des Clos "

2010: Obtaining of the EEC agreement of slaughter

2011: Modernization of the tool production 

2012: Obtaining of the EEC agreement cuts  and building of a workshop of cut

2013: Implementation of a workshop of slaughter of ducks

            Relaunching of the breeding and the marketing of the Rouen Duck  

            Relaunching of the breeding and the marketing of the Gournay Chicken